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Thank you for your interest in submitting a Speaker/Session Proposal for the ASP Summit. We are currently accepting applications for the 2001-2002 events.

How to Submit your Speaker/Session Proposal

Sending a Proposal
Please submit your proposal by completing the Speaker Proposal Form. Please be advised that we receive many applications for presentations and cannot accommodate all requests and only those proposals accepted will be notified.. E-mail is the preferred method of contact, however, if you require another form of communication from us, please specify your request in "Additional Comments."

Selection criteria is based on proposed speakers' qualifications and their level of expertise on proposed subject matter. Selected speakers must hold senior level titles (e.g. director, vice president, president, CEO, CTO, CIO senior analyst, etc.) and possess appropriate technical expertise. Please note sales executives will not be accepted.

About the ASP Summit
The ASP Summit is the premier global conference series for the rapidly expanding application service provider industry. The ASP Summit is designed to be the forum where industry innovators and leaders meet enterprise customers to address the challenges and unique issues of deploying the ASP model as an IT solution. Speakers will examine the challenges and benefits associated with being a player in the ASP industry as well as utilizing ASP services and share their unbiased analysis, lessons learned, and real world solutions for the ASP model. The following guidelines are designed to help you select the best format for your presentation.

The ASP Summit Audience
The audience consists of a mix of ASPs, ISPs, ISVs, application software vendors, integration and hosting services, network service providers, telecommunications/carriers, next-generation IP service companies, resellers, IT consultants, vertical market service providers, investors and venture capitalists, corporate executives, final decision-makers in IT solutions, IT and IS managers and developers, and/or anyone else who may have an interest in the application service provider marketplace.

The ASP Summit Conference Agenda
The Conference Agenda is comprised of 60-minute breakout session presentations (solo speakers and panel discussions) spread across 3 - 4 tracks.
Breakout sessions are 60-minutes consisting of approximately 60 minutes of presentation followed by 10 minutes of interactive question and answer time with the audience. We are looking for talks or panels that discuss technical challenges and business issues associated with being a player in the ASP industry as well as buying and utilizing ASP services.

ASP Summit Session Formats

Sessions may follow an instructional format, case study format or panel discussion format. Here is a brief description of each:

Instructional Format
The solo speaker or instructor will share his/her insight and expertise on the topic through examples and illustrations.

Case Study Format
Speakers are encouraged to share their progress/story in being an ASP or implementing an ASP across their enterprise. The case study should identify the business and technology issues that drove the decision making process, review the steps taken to implement, identify the results and provide recommendations.

Panel Discussion Format
A panel discussion will begin with a statement of the issue by the panel moderator followed by each panelist sharing his/her perspective on the topic. After each panelist has responded, the moderator will facilitate Q&A with the audience and panelists. Panel sessions moderated by members of the media often have pointed and challenging questions to get to the real meat of the issue being discussed.

Sessions will explain the technology vision for developing distributed computing as a business and will cover how service models alter requirements in the software industry. Find out the role and deployment of new development tools and computing architectures. Come away with schematics of ASP architectures and where to focus your development energies in the ASP market.


ASP Summit Speaker Proposal Guidelines
Please review these guidelines before submitting your speaker proposal for the ASP Summit.

Guidelines on Commercialism
All speakers are to avoid any appearance of commercialism in their sessions. Case study illustrations or topic examples must not promote the panelist or speaker's organization. We believe that an objective presentation which meets the educational needs of the audience is optimal to enhancing the credibility of the speaker, the speaker's employer, and Key3Media Events. Those who violate the audience confidence by presenting marketing or self-promotion content will be immediately dismissed from the conference schedule and may be banned from future Key3Media events.

Speaker Expenses
Key3Media Events does not offer speaker fees/honorariums or cover speaker expenses, including but not limited to travel expenses.

Speaker and Key3Media Events Relationship

· Faculty are responsible for submitting a final presentation by the dates specified in the speaker materials.

· Key3Media Events retains the right to edit all materials submitted by conference faculty for consistency and style.

· Under no circumstances does Key3Media Events allow speaker or panelist substitutions without a formal written request. All substitutions must be approved by Key3Media Events prior to the conference.

· The hallmark of success rests in attendee satisfaction results; panelists and speakers remain pivotal to a positive outcome of audience perceptions toward conference quality

· Panelist and speaker contributors who fail to uphold the highest standards of quality share a reciprocal effect of negative image or poor perception; audiences critically evaluate the preparedness and subject knowledge of each individual in a faculty role

· Quality is an objective measure of an audience's vote to attend or sponsor such an event; future ASP Summit productions hinge on everyone's contribution to deliver a world-class experience

Speaker Benefits
· All faculty receive a complimentary registration to attend the conference, keynote and featured presentations and the exposition

· Presentations will be posted on the ASP Summit event web site for attendees to access and download

· Panelist and speaker opportunities empower today's voice in the ASP marketplace by affording an effective venue for sharing information and collaboration with peers facing similar interests; the diversity of session leaders and topics culminate to produce an event of the highest quality and visibility

· Speakers are elevated to a point of authority in their body of interest and receive the benefit of interaction with a captive audience seeking the guidance of such individuals and are promoted by ASP Summit PR who will encourage media to set up interviews with conference faculty

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ASP Summit Contact for Speaking Opportunities
If you should have any questions regarding the ASP Summit Conference program, please contact:

Adam Kahn

General Manager
e-mail: - no phone calls please.

Again, Thank You for your interest in the ASP Summit!

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