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Key3Media Events Trademark Basics

These Trademark And Logo Usage Guidelines govern all use of trademarks of Key3Media Events Inc. "Key3Media Events Marks" means all company names, division names, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, logos, event names, product names, brands, taglines, slogans, domain names, and the like, whether registered or not.

You are encouraged to use and refer to Key3Media Events Marks appropriately, in accordance with these Guidelines, particularly if you are an exhibitor at our events or consumer of our other services!

Key3Media Events Marks may be used only if:

  • An "online logo" or other license has been completed;
  • The use is "Fair Use" under applicable trademark law; or
  • The use is approved by Key3Media Events Inc.

Anyone interested in using a Key3Media Events Mark in a manner other than legal "Fair Use" as described below can review the following license agreements.

Fair Use is governed by applicable law. For some general guidelines, see the FAQ.

General Rules for Using Key3Media Events Marks
  • Trademarks are used as adjectives. They should be used in combination with generic nouns rather than standing alone.

    Example: NetWorld™+Interop® conference.
    Example: COMDEX® trade show or exposition.
    Example: Seybold Seminars™ event.

  • Trademarks should not be used as verbs, in the plural, or in the possessive.

  • Key3Media Events Marks must be identified with a TM, SM, or ® symbol. (The exception is when "Key3Media Events" is used as the company name itself.) For details, see the FAQ.

  • The following trademark attribution legend must be used in all materials that reference any Key3Media Events Mark, even if the use is an unlicensed "Fair Use".

"Key3Media Events, the Key3Media Events logo, and [insert all other Key3Media Events Marks referred to or displayed in the document] are owned or used under license by Key3Media Events Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Key3Media Events Inc., and may be registered in the United States and other countries."

  • Key3Media Events Marks and logos may not be altered in any way.

  • Key3Media Events Marks, logos and trade dress must never be used, at all, in any of the following ways:

    • As part of someone else's mark;
    • To identify products or services not belonging to Key3Media Events;
    • As part of a company, product, or service name that doesn't belong to Key3Media Events;
    • In a manner likely to cause confusion;
    • In any way that disparages Key3Media Events, or as a pun;
    • In any way that implies, inaccurately, that a relationship exists between the use and Key3Media Events, or that suggests that Key3Media Events sponsors, endorses, or is in any way connected with third parties' activities, products, or services. In a way other than as an adjective followed by a generic noun - not, for example, as a possessive, or plural, or verb.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions. For further questions, please contact the Key3Media Events Legal Department.

  • Where do I get the logo?
    Key3Media Events logos must be obtained directly from a Key3Media Events representative in camera-ready or electronic form.

  • How do I get a license?
    The Online Logo And Advertising license is for use on web pages and in advertising relating (for example) to your participation in an event produced by Key3Media Events. Online usage of a Key3Media Events Mark must be a hotlink to a designated Key3Media Events web page under the license. See the license below for details. It is also available at Online Trademark and Logo License

    For any other form of license, please contact the Key3Media Events Legal Department.

  • What about domain names?
    Key3Media Events Marks, or confusingly similar marks, may not be used by third parties as the first or second level of a domain name, nor as meta-tags.

  • Why is it so important to attribute the marks with the symbols?
    The symbols serve to identify a company's products or services as well as to serve notice to third-parties of the source of the products or services.

  • What's the difference between a trademark and a service mark?
    The term "trademark" is used for tangible products that are sold. The term "service mark" is used in connection with the provision of a service.

  • So what's the deal with the TM, SM and ® symbols?
    The TM, TM, or ® symbol is placed immediately after the mark, usually in superscript. TM is used to identify a trademark. SM is used to identify a service mark. ® is used only where the trademark or service mark is registered.

  • When is the symbol used?
    The TM, SM, or ® symbol must be used in the most prominent use of the mark and the first use of the mark in any body copy text associated with promotional and advertising materials, press releases, packaging, bindings, and so forth.

    Ordinarily, the symbol does not need to be repeated after that. No symbol is used where the word is not used as a trademark - as when it is simply the company name. For example: "The technician from Xerox Corporation performed XeroxSM service on my Xerox ® copier."

  • Does a symbol have to be used with logos as well?
    Yes, all logos should be marked with the proper TM, SM or ® symbol.

  • How can we tell which marks should be used with the ® symbol?
    While many of our marks are registered, Key3Media Events does not ordinarily use the ® symbol. This is to avoid confusion in those instances where a mark may be used worldwide but is not registered in all countries where it is used. We may occasionally request that the ® symbol be used in a particular instance.

  • Where does the trademark attribution language go?
    The trademark attribution language - " are trademarks owned or used under license by Key3Media Events Inc. (etc.)" - usually appears on the inside front cover or at the end of the document, and must be large enough to be legible.

  • What exactly do you mean by "trademarks are adjectives"?
    Any product or service can be identified by a generic term, such as "software," "gasoline," "seminar," and so on. A company develops certain rights in its particular version of that product or service by giving it a trademark identifier; this tells the customer generally where the item came from, and helps the customer identify the product or service qualities the customer wants. Hence, for example:

    • Seybold SeminarsSM publishing technology event.
    • NetWorld+InteropSM networking technology event.
    • Key3Media EventsSM technology education events.
    • InteropNetSM demonstration network.

    Each trademark is the special name for a certain product or service; the trademark identifies the origin (and associated quality or goodwill) of that item. Key3Media Events Marks therefore serve as adjectives modifying the generic nouns they are associated with.

  • InteropNet is a thing. Why is the SM symbol used instead of the TM symbol?
    InteropNet is not a product sold by Key3Media Events; its function is to serve as a demonstration tool for the hardware and software of others. This qualifies it as a service mark.

  • Is it alright for people outside of Key3Media Events to use Key3Media Events Marks as long as they use the appropriate legend?
    If the use is consistent with the rules of Fair Use, the user should still attribute the Key3Media Events Marks to Key3Media Events as noted above. All uses other than Fair Use require a license.

  • What are the logo usage requirements?

    Minimum Size
    The Key3Media Events logo must appear no less than 1-1/16" wide, with the Key3Media Events (Cube) portion of the logo measuring 11/32" x 11/32", whether in print or when viewed with browser in full-screen mode on a standard size computer screen (10 inches or more diagonal measure).

Background Colors
The Key3Media Events logo must be placed on a white background.

Background Space

When using the Key3Media Events corporate logo, a minimum clear space of 1/2" must be maintained around the logo. When using the Key3Media Events (Cube) logo alone, a minimum clear space of 3/8" must be maintained around the logo. Patterned backgrounds or graphics may not enter the area around the logo. The space around the Key3Media Events logo is an integral part of the design, and must be kept clean and uncluttered.


Re-logoing, co-logoing, alteration, or modification of Key3Media Events logos is prohibited unless a specific agreement or license is obtained. Any inquiries as to the availability of such an agreement or license should be directed to the Key3Media Events Legal Department.

  • We're interested in a new Key3Media Events Mark. What should we do?
    Contact the Key3Media Events Legal Department.

Fair Use Guidelines
  • General Guidelines
    You generally have a right to use Key3Media Events Mark to describe or refer to our products or services, so long as you attribute the mark properly and use the appropriate symbols, if you could not truthfully describe something without using the Key3Media Events Mark. For example: "XYZ company plans to register for the Interop® conference this Fall."

    The usage and attribution must not be misleading or likely to cause confusion, and must clearly indicate that Interop is a Key3Media Events mark and is not property of XYZ. For example: "Interop is a trademark owned or used under license by Key3Media Events Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Key3Media Events Inc., and may be registered in the United States and other countries. XYZ is not affiliated with Interop."

  • Publications, Tradeshows, Conferences, Expos, Seminars
    Sufficient space should separate the Key3Media Events Marks from the rest of the title and the third party should not claim rights to the portion of the title referring to the Key3Media Events Marks.

    Unless a specific license exists to the contrary, third party use may not suggest an association or sponsorship exists between Key3Media Events and the third party.

    No use of Key3Media Events Logos is permitted without a written license.

    The use of Key3Media Events Marks should only be used in reference to Key3Media Eventsí products or services. Third parties may not use or attempt to register any Key3Media Events Mark as a trademark, service mark, trade name, or DBA name.

    The appropriate trademark attribution, in the form of the legend described above, must be included in all legal notices and on all materials which reference the Key3Media Events Marks.

  • Web Sites and Domain Names
    The web site may not use any Key3Media Events Mark in connection with their own products, services or company name.

    Use of the any Key3Media Events Mark should not be used in a manner that would cause confusion as to whether or not the site is sponsored by or affiliated with Key3Media Events.

    Use of any Key3Media Events Mark should not be used in a manner that suggests the site is the source of Key3Media Events products or services.

    Any primary or secondary level domain names cannot be identical or virtually identical to any Key3Media Events Mark.

    The owner of the site may not attempt to register a Key3Media Events domain name as a trademark or service mark, nor attempt to claim any proprietary rights in the domain name.

    The owner of the site must be in compliance with domain name registry policies and current law regarding trademark infringement.

    The site must contain either a legal notice or a link that contains the following legend:

    "Key3Media Events, the Key3Media Events logo and [insert all other Key3Media Events Marks referred to or displayed in the document] are owned or used under license by Key3Media Events Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Key3Media Events Inc., and may be registered in the United States and other countries. [Insert web site or domain name] is independent of Key3Media Events Inc."
  • What is infringement?
    An act of infringement would be based upon the laws governing Fair Use, the guidelines set forth above and applicable trademark law.

    An infringement of any Key3Media Events Mark, including marks that appear to be confusingly similar to any Key3Media Events Mark, should be reported immediately to the Key3Media Events Legal Department.

    Key3Media Events Inc. maintains a strict enforcement of its trademark rights and will deal with infringement claims accordingly.

  • What are the Key3Media Events Marks?
    Some of the principal marks in current use by Key3Media Events Inc. include: Key3Media Events Inc., Key3Media Events Logo, Key3Media Events Studios, Believe in Technology, COMDEX, CommUnity, Digital Media, Digital World, GII Academy, GII Awards, Global Information Infrastructure Academy, Global Information Infrastructure Awards, HotSpots, HotStage, Interop, InteropDotCom, InteropNet, Learning Technology, NetWorld+Interop, New World Networks, Ottawa Business Show, Seybold, Seybold SF, Seybold Publications, Seybold Reports, Seybold Report on Publishing, Seybold Seminars, Seybold Seminars/Publishing , Skilltech Professional Seminars, Start-Up City, Strategic Networks, Support Services Conference & Expo, Windows World, and Business Expo.

    The above list is not exhaustive. Key3Media Events Inc. owns other marks which are not listed here, and uses other marks under license.

    Marks owned by Key3Media Events Inc. may be registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  • What about references to other companies' marks?
    As a general rule, Key3Media Events will include the following text where other partiesí marks are used:

    "All other marks mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners."

    But in some circumstances, Key3Media Events is licensed to use another party's trademarks, and an additional attribution may be required. Contact the Key3Media Events Legal Department for details if you have questions about a specific mark or if you believe an attribution should be required. For example, where Key3Media Events refers to the following marks (other than in accordance with rules of Fair Use), it should include the following attributions:

    • NetWorld is a service mark of Novell, Inc., and is registered in certain jurisdictions. [NetWorld License And Production Agreement, 14 December 1998.] NetWorld is used by Key3Media Events only in the combination "NetWorld+Interop". The generic term for NetWorld+Interop is "event" or an equivalent description.

    • Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun Logo, Java, JavaOne, JavaOne: Sunís Worldwide Java Developers Conference, JavaOne: Sunís Worldwide Java Developers Conference, the JavaOne logo, Java Software, the Java Coffee Cup logo, and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries. [Event Production Trademark License, _____ 1999.] The generic term for JavaOne is "conference" or an equivalent description. The generic term for Java is "technology" or an equivalent description.

    • Windows, Windows World, and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, and Windows World and the Windows logo are used by Key3Media Events under license from Microsoft. [Windows World™ Service Mark License, Attachment B, dated 03 June 1991, as amended.] The generic term for Windows World is "exposition" or an equivalent description.

  • How do I get in touch with the Key3Media Events Legal Department?
    Direct questions to:
    Geoffrey Creighton
    Chief Counsel
    Key3Media Events Inc.
    303 Vintage Park Drive
    Foster City, CA 94404-1138

    Fax: 650.525.0223

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