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Online Trademark and Logo License

1. General Rules for Using Key3Media Events Marks

Key3Media Events:

  1. May only be used with Key3Media Events' permission; in a truthful manner; and in a manner that is related in a positive way to your business relationship with or recommendation of Key3Media Events; for example, a Key3Media Events Online Logo may be used accompanied by the text "Visit our booth at !" where the Event Name is a Key3Media Events Mark with a hot link to the Key3Media Events event web site.
  2. Must be accompanied by the following attribution:
    " is a trademark owned or used under license by Key3Media Events, Inc."

2. Special Usage Rules

  1. Event Logos
    Key3Media Events Marks that relate to events produced by Key3Media Events ("Event Logo") may be used only while your company is a registered and paid exhibitor or sponsor for that Event within the coming twelve months, and for one month after that Event.
  2. Publications Logos
    Key3Media Events Marks that relate to publications produced by Key3Media Events ("Publication Logo") may be used only when your company is a currently registered and paid advertiser in the publication.
  3. Other Logos
    Other Key3Media Events Marks may be used only when your company is a current user of the relevant Key3Media Events services.
  4. Online Logo Usage Rules
    Key3Media Events Online Logos:

    1. Must appear in a prominent location no smaller than 90 by 30 pixels when viewed with a browser in full-screen mode on a standard (minimum 10" diagonal) monitor.
    2. Must appear on the site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in HTML or similar format accessible via the world wide web.
    3. May not be altered in any way. For example, the minimum background space surrounding the logos must be maintained, and proportions may not be changed.
    4. May not be used merely as static images, but must be configured as a link to a specified Key3Media Events web site so that when a user clicks on the logo it connects the user to the appropriate Key3Media Events web page, without frames or other carryovers from the originating site. For example, the "Key3Media Events" Online Logo must link to, and any Event Logo relating to any Key3Media Events event, publication, or service (identified at and links therefrom) must connect to the relevant Event home page.

3. Quality Control

You must submit a sample of each proposed use of any Key3Media Events for Key3Media's approval prior to its first usage. Key3Media Events may monitor your web site, advertising copy, or other use of the Key3Media Events Marks. Key3Media Events Marks may not be used in connection with any materials Key3Media Events deems in its sole discretion to be objectionable.

In addition to these terms and conditions, Key3Media Events Marks usage must conform to the Key3Media Events Trademark & Logo Usage Guidelines, available here, as updated from time to time by Key3Media Events.

This license may be revoked by Key3Media Events at any time, even if Key3Media Events has previously approved such usage, if:

  1. Any use is not in compliance with this license or the Guidelines.
  2. Key3Media Events elects to change or terminate any part of this program.
  3. Key3Media Events objects to any aspect of your use of the Key3Media Events Marks, or requests that you discontinue usage, and you fail to cure the problem immediately.

4. Where to Get Key3Media Events Marks and Online Logos

You may only obtain Key3Media Events Online Logos directly from a Key3Media Events representative, or you can download from here.

5. No Sublicense Rights

You may not forward Key3Media Events Marks to any other user or to a site not controlled by you.

6. No Endorsement

You understand that your use of Key3Media Events Marks is not intended as Key3Media Eventsí endorsement of, sponsorship of, or affiliation of your company or website with Key3Media Events.

7. No Other Licenses

Key3Media Events grants you no rights in the Key3Media Events Marks other than what is stated here. Any other use may constitute infringement.

8. Ownership

The Key3Media Events Marks, buttons, and trademarks are owned by Key3Media Events. Your use of the Key3Media Events Marks acknowledges Key3Media Eventsí ownership of the trademarks. You agree that you will not use them in any way that is inconsistent with Key3Media Eventsí ownership. Your use of the Key3Media Events Marks, and any associated goodwill and interests, inure solely to the benefit of Key3Media Events.

9. Infringement

You agree that you may not use, directly or indirectly, any Key3Media Events Marks are any marks similar thereto (a) as part of your trade name, (b) in any other way that suggests any relationship between Key3Media Events and you other than as set forth above, or (c) as a trademark for any other product or service.

10. Liability

Key3Media Events makes no warranty and disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the Key3Media Events Marks, including but not limited to any warranty concerning infringement of third party rights. You agree that Key3Media Events has no liability for your use of the Key3Media Events Marks, and that you will indemnify Key3Media Events for any costs it may incur related to your use of the logos. You acknowledge that use of any Key3Media Events Mark in violation of these terms will cause irreparable harm to Key3Media Events, and therefore agree that Key3Media Events may obtain injunctive relief in the event of such violation without having to prove irreparable harm or post a bond.

11. Notice of Infringement

You must notify Key3Media Events promptly if you become aware of any actual or possible infringement of any Key3Media Events Mark and cooperate, at Key3Media Eventsí reasonable expense, in prosecuting any infringement. You may not take action regarding such infringement without Key3Media Eventsí consent.

12. Defaults

Failure to pay monies to Key3Media Events for sponsor fees, exhibit space, advertising fees, service fees, or other fees when due results in loss of this license.

13. Termination

Your license to use the Key3Media Events Marks ceases upon the expiration or termination of this agreement for any reason.

14. Governing Law

California law governs this Agreement. No choice of law rules apply, regardless of jurisdiction.

In order to confirm this license agreement, please complete the following information and execute below. You affirm that you are an authorized representative of Licensee.

Licensee Company Name ("You"):
Key3Media Events Mark you wish to use:
Description of intended use:

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